Gabby Young

We’re excited to announce that Gabby Young is back! She has been away for a few reasons. In 2016 she and long-term musical partner, Stephen Ellis got married. However, she also discovered that her thyroid cancer had returned, but after major surgery and treatment she was gratefully given the all clear in September.

This has also given her a renewed sense of optimism and drive for the future and since last year the pair have been writing and recording new songs for her fourth studio album.

Even more exciting is her voice is as wonderfully strong as ever, with Gabby still displaying the emotional and dynamic range for which she is loved. But with new songs comes both a new sound and a new live band (as well as a whole new look – the red hair is no more – look out for her new colour!)

Fans of Gabby’s music have nothing to worry about though as the finely crafted, emotionally open songs at the core of all Gabby’s music are still firmly in place as she explores new and ever moving musical ways to surprise and delight with her very own brand of music.


Gabby Young was born in Bath, and spent her early life in Wiltshire, surrounded by the lush countryside nestling in the Marlborough Downs. Her imagination was able to run riot, and she and her sister were fond of hosting impromptu plays and concerts from a very young age. She was on track to become an opera singer until Jeff Buckley and the jazz greats inspired her to change direction.

Gabby’s unique perspective of the world around her is inspired as much by imagination as real events, but when thyroid cancer threatened to take her classically trained voice at the age of 22, she got serious about recording her stories. Using her recovery time to pen her melodies, Gabby took in global influences to fuel her heartfelt emotion, which shines through her beautifully haunting songs. ‘I feel blessed rather than afflicted,’ she says simply.


“We’re All In This Together”, “The Band Called Out For More” and ‘One Foot In Front of The Other’ (Gift of the Gab Records) have gathered a great collection of 4-star reviews from the likes of The Guardian, Financial Times, Daily Mirror and numerous music publications.

Fashion and Crowdfunding
Her ‘if I can balance it on my head, I’ll rock it’ approach to dressing-up inspired Stylist and Artrocker to hail her as a fashion icon. It’s all part of the same DIY, fan-engaging ethos that saw Gabby fund her releases through crowdfunding sites. She raised an amazing £9,000 in just four weeks to help record her last album. In style and business, as in music, Young is one of life’s collectors and upcyclers.


Gabby has toured has toured Japan, Australia, Middle East, USA, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and Transylvania. Festivals in the UK include Glastonbury, Wilderness, WOMAD, Cheltenham Jazz, Marlborough Jazz, Love Supreme, Hop Farm, and Cornbury,

Band line up:

Gabby Young – vocals, guitar and ukulele

Stephen Ellis – keys, guitars and vocals

Jay Chakravorty – keys, zither, glockenspiel, accordion, guitar and vocals

Thom Ashworth – double bass, electric bass and vocals

Jamie Murray – drums, glockenspiel and vocals