Artist: A Magnolia

A Magnolia present: ÍSLAND/ISLAND


‘It happened early one morning that Carl Vifil started up from sleep, crying out: “At the end of the second quarter of 2008, Iceland’s external debt was 9.553 trillion Icelandic krónur, more than 7 times the GDP of Iceland in 2007!”‘

“The existence of a bank run on Landsbanki accounts in the UK in the period up to 7 October seems confirmed by a statement from the bank on 10 October, which said; “Up with you, sons of Halfdan, Hroar and Helgi, and keep to cover in the woods today!”‘


ÍSLAND/ISLAND explores the contrast and harmony of modern Icelandic culture from a humble foreign perspective. Through modern theatrical storytelling, two tales are spat out; one the ancient saga of King Rolf and His Champions, the other an encyclopedic account of the 2008-11 Icelandic Financial Crisis.

How does Iceland’s culture, geography and history feed into its status as a 21st Century nation? Is it necessary to give up a national past in order to build for the future? Can a small community hold onto its cultural identity and way of life in the face of an ever-closer, ever changing world?

Bristol-based A Magnolia present ÍSLAND/ISLAND a peculiar, intimate and thought-provoking piece of contemporary performance which not only celebrates Iceland’s culture but daringly attempts to untangle the delicate thread of magic that connects identity, Iceland and islanders.

Alderney-raised Jordan Linton graduated with Anna McComish from the University of the West in 2017. They formed a creative partnership based on their shared love of dark, playful and explorative theatre and art. Using tools such as subversive storytelling, synaesthesia and deconstruction, they make idiosyncratic and enlightening performance work under the banner A Magnolia.