Alderney Performing Arts Festival 2015 | May's last bank holiday weekend - the 22nd to the 25th!

Alderney Performing Arts Festival 2015


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Luke Kempner

Alderney Performing Arts Festival 2015

The only way is Downton photo gallery

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Buffalo Huddleston Band

Alderney Performing Arts Festival 2015

Buffalo Huddleston Band photo gallery

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Luke Kempner


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Neil Howard1

Pictures of Alderney

All phototographs copyright Neil Howard

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Festival & Workshop tickets from Shirley’s in Alderney or online!

Festival and Workshop Tickets in Alderney from  SHIRLEY’S in Victoria Street or online! Either drop in to Shirley’s or book online. Any problem contact Bumble Bee putting on extra trips to the Alderney Performing Arts Festival. Catch one of the last seats and travel up with The Buffalo HuddlestonesRead more…

TICKET UP DATE 21 May 2015

Tickets for the FADO are now SOLD OUT On Line Sales will STOP tomorrow FRIDAY.  Tickets can be bought on the door on the day.  Cash only

The Winners of APAFF’s Poetry and Illustration prizes 2015

Winners: Overall winning poem: Jen Butler (yr 9) age 14 “Hide-away” Prize: Kindle Group One: (11-12 years) 1st: Amy Wesley (Yr 7) age 12 “The Lonely Train” Prize: Hardback Poetry Book (signed by judges) 2nd: Melissa Johns (yr 7) age 11 “What I love Most About Alderney” and Louis Sheridan-WildiRead more…

Accommodation 22-25 May 2015

Good news:  Farm Court still have a space… or call 01481-822075 Zoe Ash at the Alderney campsite has amazing tents – Glamping comes to Alderney! Contact Zoe at:

Samba Burros Workshops for YOU!

Come and join the noisiest group in the Festival to make more noise! Samba Burros are giving two workshops at the Methodist Hall at 10.30 and 11.30.  Each workshop will end with a street performance so you can enjoy a live audience and the Fiesta Feel!  Tickets £5